The bond between siblings is unmistakably insurmountable. From midnight snacking to sneaking back into the house, there are secrets that the brother(s)- sister(s) duo shares. From making DIY rakhis to receiving favourite chocolates, the siblings know what the other person likes. And what's a siblings duo without pranks and stupid quarrels? After all it is their right to annoy each other endlessly. From being a silly pair trying to get the other one in trouble to keeping their secrets, their bond grows into a pure and unbreakable connection as the years passes. Siblings speak their own language and are able to communicate with each other in a room full of strangers without uttering a single word. They are each other's eternal support system. The whole world can turn against a person, but the sibling will always stand by their side, no matter what. The festival of Rakshabandhan tends to strengthen their friendship and unity. There lies an assurance deep bond, that seems to scream "I GOT YOUR BACK, BUDDY" or " TAKE THE RISK, I'M HERE IF SOMETHING GOES WRONG". It's the fake dislike and disguised love which ensures the well being and nourishment of their bond.

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